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C&M Integrated Solutions
Is a consulting company specialized in developing and implementing systematic cross-functional integrated solutions, with the goal of helping your organization achieve superior performance at the lowest total cost.
A big factor in our successful track record is our no-nonsense approach to projects, and our laser focus on delivering observable, quantifiable and meaningful results, as soon as possible.
We are very-much "hands-on" in our approach.
Our strong bias toward action and results in our assignments, has proven to be remarkably effective, in delivering lower costs, faster cycle times, and higher profitability.
While short term results are very important to us, as a way to create energy and momentum, we don’t believe in a "quick fix ", therefore we integrate the interests of all stakeholders (Management, Employees, Customers), in crafting an overall strategic framework to produce results, with a long term perspective.
Who we are?
We are an experienced group of professional consultants, averaging 15 years of work experience with background in multinational corporations and international financial institutions.
We firmly believe in our capacity to make change a constant reality in your business, through our support in creating, and helping to improve your products, processes, and system structures.
Through the years, our proven track record to " make the difference", was a result of implementing sound practices in delivering programs, based on our customers desire, to resolve their business constraints and optimize operations.
Our Mission
To add value to our clients' projects, being pro-active in identifying opportunities, capable of improving their bottom line and excelling in responsiveness, creativity and in delivering projects on time and on budget.